Environmental Policy

Blastcool / Staycold is a market leader in the manufacture of a wide range of commercial grade refrigeration equipment for the beverage, food service and retail industries. Our operations comprise the design and manufacture of refrigerators (both indoor and outdoor), freezers, chillers and POS equipment and their delivery, installation and servicing.

Staycold views environmental management as an integral component of its overall business decision-making, and strives to achieve environmental best practice in all of its manufacturing and supply operations.

We are committed to developing and marketing products which have excellent environmental characteristics and which set the standards for current best practice. Staycold understands that the greatest contribution it can make is to build products that are more efficient and sustainable then the competition. To this end Staycold has adopted BS EN 62430: 2009 which is a standard that aims towards reduction of the carbon footprint of the appliance from its manufacture and service life, through to disposal and recycling at end of life.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To ensure that all Staycold products and operations comply with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance, through the establishment of environmental objectives, including Carbon Reduction, Ethical Purchasing, Recycling and Waste targets.
  • To prevent or minimise pollution and the environmental impact of our products and operations on the local and global environment.
  • To assess the impacts of new operations and activities, and adopt controls to prevent or reduce their impact.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of our products during their use and eventual disposal, by developing energy efficient models and by providing or supporting initiatives that encourage their recycling and reuse.
  • To handle refrigerants safely and prevent their escape to atmosphere.
  • To monitor the consumption of energy and resources and to maximise the efficiency wherever possible through the utilisation of efficient technologies and working practices.
  • To use raw materials efficiently, to handle waste safely and to minimise waste wherever possible.
  • To work with suppliers and subcontractors to provide goods and services with the minimum adverse environmental impact.
  • To communicate with and increase the environmental awareness of employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.

In support of this policy Staycold will provide adequate resources to enable management to fulfil their responsibilities and comply with this policy

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