Blastcool has placed sustainability at the heart of its manufacturing and design process since its inception. Some of the design choices made by Blastcool engineers are outlined below.



A high efficiency compressor, matched with large surface area heat exchangers, minimises the energy consumed whilst achieving the necessary cooling performance.

Refrigerant Gas

The Extremis series uses R600a which is free from damaging CFC’s and HFC’s as well as having negligible GWP (Global Warming Potential). This is the refrigerant choice recommended by Greenpeace.


Fan Motors

Powerful fans are used to increase the cooling performance and these are essential for efficient operation in high ambient conditions.

Blastcool engineers selected EC and DC technologies, both of which yield a saving of 70% when compared with their conventionally designed equivalents.

Importantly, the high efficiency fans are also rated to last nearly twice as long, thereby reducing the carbon footprint throughout the life-cycle of the appliance.


Insulation Foam

Blastcool has chosen Cyclopentane for the blowing agent for the insulation foam. In common with the refrigerant gas, cyclopentane is also Zero ODP and negligible GWP.

Cabinet frame heat

Blastcool has used waste heat from the refrigeration to ensure that the cabinet frame is kept dry.



This is one area where Blastcool has had to make a compromise. The most efficient solution is to use double glazing with Low E coating. However, in high humidity situations, condensation may be experienced on the glass.

User feedback caused us to select an electrically heated door to deny the possibility of any condensation and we have added a switch to the front panel so that the user can switch it off when the need is not present.

Two layers of toughened safety glass are used with Argon in the gap.


Blastcool uses LED interior lighting. LED’s produce less heat than old fashioned fluorescent tubes and since they are positioned inside the refrigerated compartment, gains are made because there is less energy used to cool them down. LED’s also last longer and use significantly less power.

Electronic Control

Blastcool have designed the option for the user to select an “Eco” mode during periods of non-use. The Eco mode allows the temperature set point to rise and also causes the fans to be managed differently and thereby savings are made.

Recycling at end-of-life

Professional recycling centres have highly developed processes for stripping out valuable metals prior to disposal of the remaining elements.


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