A Blastcool outdoor fridge is not only built to cool faster than a typical household indoor cabinet but more importantly than this, it must withstand wind, rain, tropical heat as well as winter freezing.

The Extremis series achieves this without compromising on energy efficiency and each appliance incorporates the latest in energy saving technology. The advanced refrigerant and insulation choices ensure negligible GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion) ratings: The best available today.

Perfect for Outdoor Use

All our coolers have been specifically built and safety approved for outdoor use being officially IP rated and certified.

Corrosion Resistant

The exterior of the cabinet is constructed from AISI 316 Marine Grade stainless steel which is means it can be used in hostile salt spray environments as well as other typical outdoor conditions.

Food Grade Stainless Steel

The interior construction utilises AISI 304 food grade stainless steel with an attractive polished, mirror finish. This reflects the contents inside and adds a smart design flourish.

Interior illumination

For the ideal ambience, the user may select either white or blue interior lighting by using the switch conveniently provided on the control panel fascia. The full length LED side and top lighting arrays are located in front of the leading edge of the shelving, thereby ensuring an evenly lit and attractive display.

Industry Leading Compressor

The Extremis range utilises a high efficiency compressor to provide its cooling power. Special lubricants ensure that the cabinet can withstand both summer heat and winter frost within the specified design limits. Based upon a full commercial specification, the cooling speed exceeds the demands of most breweries, soft drink companies and 5-star hotels and yet it does so whilst consuming a minimal amount of electricity.

Heated Glass Doors

User selectable door heat eliminates condensation on the glass doors. Hot pipes running around the cabinet frame and door centre posts, warm the door gasket contact surface. Clinical, clean and effective.

Precision Control

A Danfoss electronic controller regulates internal temperature as well as the automatic defrosting regime. The user may adjust the temperature simply by pressing the up and down arrows. The user interface incorporates an ECO setting for standby operation and the control panel has switches for mains power, interior lighting as well as door heat. Built-in voltage protection functionality protects the compressor from highly damaging spikes from the power grid.

Front Venting

Cool air is drawn in through one side of the bottom grille and expelled from the other side by a powerful fan. Even in temperatures of up to 43℃, the XP series will cool to a refreshing 1℃.

High Performance Fan

The Extremis range is designed to chill to 1C in ambient conditions of up to 43C and each does so using minimal electricity. Low noise fans positioned inside the cabinet and also within the compressor compartment circulate the cold air and at the same time exhaust the hot air from the front. These fans utilise the latest low energy EC and DC technology which has the added side benefit of almost doubling the component lifetime rating.

Self-Closing Doors

The XP series features smooth self-closing doors that save energy and keep the cold sealed in.

Long Bar Door Handle

Ease of access is paramount and the 304 grade, clear coated, full length stainless steel handles are both stylish and effective.

Door Lock

A secure door lock is fitted as standard to ensure the contents remain secure and safe.

Safety Glass

Two layers of toughened safety glass help to ensure that the glass is resistant to breakage. In the event of a major impact, the glass will shatter into safer squares rather than dangerous shards.

Optional Extras

Adjustable Wine Shelves

Blastcool has developed a unique system for the storage of wine that makes use of adjustable rubber saddles that slide across the shelf. In this way, the same shelf can be used for champagne or wine bottles. Capacity is utilised efficiently by means of being able to top and tail the bottles.

Get in Touch

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