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2nd Apr 2024

Turning left as you get on the plane, being met by a Chauffeur on arrival and then opening the door to the pristine perfection of a room at your 5-star hotel, it’s hard to go back to ordinary life upon returning home. But that’s exactly what’s driving the demand for professional grade hospitality standards for design into private dwellings. Whether it’s the Hans Grohe rain shower, the TV inset to the wall, the electric curtains with concealed rail or the array of light switches by the bed, once you have experienced the best, it’s only natural to want the same experience back home. As you relax at the poolside and sip a professionally prepared cocktail, or quench your thirst with a longer drink, you expect it to be properly chilled. With Blastcool Ultimate Cooling, this can become a reality because, as a supplier to some of the top 5-star hotel brands in the world, we know a thing or two about luxury and high performance outdoor cooling.

Building the Best

The Blastcool Extremis Series is our third generation of outdoor fridge, inspired by the intention to build the very best outdoor cooler in the world. We set ourselves the goal to design an appliance that has a solution to every problem we had identified thus far. Corrosion resistance in high humidity, coastal locations? Done. Condensation on the glass? Sorted. Low noise level? Solution found. Improved water ingress resistance? done. See complete feature list.

Our products can be found in prime and super-prime residential spaces all over the world, barring USA (for the time being) and for that we thank the skilled network of highly talented designers and project installation companies whom our clients have engaged.

Image courtesy of Gardens & Roses Ltd

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Customers increasingly want to know more about the environmental impact of their purchasing decision. Engineers at Blastcool have for a long time championed low energy components, not only because they reduce running costs, but also because they have longer lifetime running hours. This has been demonstrated to be good for carbon reduction, however, we know that we need to make continual improvements. To keep us accountable we have been independently audited by EcoVadis and have received their top Platinum rating for Sustainability, two years in a row.


Live In 5-Star Luxury with Blastcool

With Blastcool’s luxury outdoor fridges, you can turn your outdoor space into a haven of opulence. They go beyond just a cooling solution, becoming an essential element in creating a lifestyle that mirrors the elegance of a 5-star experience.

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