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29th Jan 2024

Welcome to a world where deluxe poolside living meets cutting-edge outdoor refrigeration from Blastcool. In this blog we dive in and look at some of the enviable projects that have kindly been shared by some of our clients. From poolside villas to ocean beach clubs, Blastcool’s outdoor fridges are an essential element of their designs.

Courtesy of Custom Outdoor Living Outdoor Living

This tranquil scene illustrates the best of poolside outdoor living. Good food, a choice of perfectly chilled drinks ready to be selected straight from the fridge, and an inviting swimming pool in which to float away the stresses of the day. Installed by Custom Outdoor Living, a Blastcool XP2 was specified for the beverage cooling element. The heated glass doors ensure that the clarity of the display is maintained without condensation and the 316 grade stainless steel will look pristine for years to come, providing it is properly cleaned.

Wane by Somiya

Blastcool’s professional grade build specification often means that it is used in commercial applications as well as in the home. ‘Wane by Somiya’ is a poolside beach club concept, in this case seen at The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina. By day, guests lounge at the pool and by night the party continues till the early hours. Supporting the busy bartenders are some Blastcool XP3 outdoor fridges. The powerful fan assisted refrigeration easily copes with the frequent door openings and the 43°C summer temperatures.

Gardens & Roses

Blastcool is the premium brand in outdoor refrigeration and we are fortunate to have been selected by some of the world’s top designers to provide the beverage cooling solution for their clients.

Looking at this pool, it begs the question as to whether one should do the 25 laps first or possibly just go straight for the BBQ lunch instead. Decisions, decisions.

Whichever the choice, the owner has selected a Blastcool XP1 to ensure the drinks are cold. Given its tropical location, the XP1 is a wise choice because it has been designed to cope in extreme heat and yet still work reliably year-after-year. The marine grade stainless steel exterior will also retain its pristine appearance given appropriate maintenance.

Midland Stone

This incredible poolside outdoor kitchen showcases some of the very best of what the burgeoning UK outdoor living industry has to offer. Opulent natural products have been supplied by Midland Stone and skilled professionals have combined their talents to design and install the garden, pool and kitchen. A Blastcool XP1 has been selected to provide the beverage cooling element. The sharp, high-end finishes have been combined together to produce a wonderful outcome and the client truly deserves to toast their success.

Custom Outdoor Living

Outdoor pool, indoor bar: A great solution for shade, security, being insect-free, and all-year-round use. This excellent project by Custom Outdoor Living has used a Blastcool XP2 to ensure there will never be a complaint about a warm drink. For temperature controlled indoor conditions, the Blastcool Extremis series has a “quiet mode” setting where the cooling fan can be slowed down to reduce the sound level.

Gulf Leisure

As beachside locations go, this villa on Palm Jumeirah truly lives up to the estate agents’ classic promise of being “within steps of the water”. Whilst the main subject of the photo is a magnificent outdoor oven, the Blastcool Extremis XP2 can be seen to the lower left of the image. The client has specified the fridge with solid doors to blend in with the rest of the cabinetry. The view of the pristine private beach and tropical waters is a feast for the eyes whilst the chef prepares a feast in the expertly installed outdoor kitchen.

Thank you to Gulf Leisure for sending us this image of their completed project.

Basils Bar, Mustique

Blastcool Extremis XP3 outdoor fridges have been chosen by the famous Basil’s Bar, Mustique. Their busy bartenders prepare the most exquisite cocktails and serve the very best wines and beers from around the world.

For this task, in 31C, high humidity conditions, they need the very best equipment. Seaside locations present a special challenge because of the high concentrations of airborne salt which cause a highly corrosive attack on anything metallic.

Over a period of nearly 20 years, Blastcool has evolved its design to use materials and construction techniques that, given proper maintenance, will provide resistance against this assault.

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