O2 Arena chooses Blastcool for rooftop bar

28th Aug 2018

One of London’s most famous landmarks, the O2 Arena, has chosen Blastcool for the provision of cold drinks to customers who have achieved the climb to the top. Whilst on the viewing deck, a glass of champagne is chosen by many to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy whilst taking in the spectacular 360 degree view of London.

A glass of Lanson is best served chilled so the O2 management selected a Blastcool outdoor fridge because of the exposed location, but getting it to the top was a challenge all of its own. The XP1 weighs 64 kilos but, unlike the enthusiastic guests, it proved very reluctant to leave the ground! Three specially trained staff carefully hauled the cabinet up the 28 degree incline, 1250 feet to the viewing platform.  Electricians arranged for a safe, IP rated power supply to the cabinet and the unit itself was anchored to the deck.

The Blastcool XP 1 is ideal for the location because it has been designed to be operated outdoors in searing 43 degree heat as well as being able to withstand a cold British winter. The XP1 surface material is marine grade AISI 316 grade stainless steel, so it will retain its professional good looks without deterioration. Blastcool’s Managing Director, Edward Jonas commented:

“The location on top of the O2 is not only spectacular but it also showcases the ability of the Blastcool range to withstand whatever the elements are likely to throw at it. The exposed location is a great test of the weatherproof design and the power of the refrigeration.”

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