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Turning left as you get on the plane, being met by a Chauffeur on arrival and then opening the door to the pristine perfection of a room at your 5-star hotel, it’s hard to go back to ordinary life upon returning home. But that’s exactly what’s driving the demand for professional grade hospitality standards for design into private dwellings. Whether it’s the Hans Grohe rain shower, the TV inset to the wall, the electric curtains with concealed rail or the array of light switches by the bed, once you have experienced the best, it’s only natural to want the same experience back home. As you relax at the poolside and sip a professionally prepared cocktail, or quench your thirst with a longer drink, you expect it to be properly chilled. With Blastcool Ultimate Cooling, this can become a reality because, as a supplier to some of the top 5-star hotel brands in the world, we know a thing or two about luxury and high performance outdoor cooling.

Building the Best

The Blastcool Extremis Series is our third generation of outdoor fridge, inspired by the intention to build the very best outdoor cooler in the world. We set ourselves the goal to design an appliance that has a solution to every problem we had identified thus far. Corrosion resistance in high humidity, coastal locations? Done. Condensation on the glass? Sorted. Low noise level? Solution found. Improved water ingress resistance? done. See complete feature list.

Our products can be found in prime and super-prime residential spaces all over the world, barring USA (for the time being) and for that we thank the skilled network of highly talented designers and project installation companies whom our clients have engaged.

Image courtesy of Gardens & Roses Ltd

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

Customers increasingly want to know more about the environmental impact of their purchasing decision. Engineers at Blastcool have for a long time championed low energy components, not only because they reduce running costs, but also because they have longer lifetime running hours. This has been demonstrated to be good for carbon reduction, however, we know that we need to make continual improvements. To keep us accountable we have been independently audited by EcoVadis and have received their top Platinum rating for Sustainability, two years in a row.


Live In 5-Star Luxury with Blastcool

With Blastcool’s luxury outdoor fridges, you can turn your outdoor space into a haven of opulence. They go beyond just a cooling solution, becoming an essential element in creating a lifestyle that mirrors the elegance of a 5-star experience.

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What makes an outdoor fridge different to an indoor one?

It’s a fair question. An indoor fridge is much cheaper to purchase, so why not just go down to the local big box retail store and buy a normal domestic fridge or worse still, put an ordinary pub fridge outside? Well, the short answer is because it would put the user at risk of electric shock, be unlikely to cool down the drinks either fast enough or cold enough, and will quickly go rusty and unsightly. The full explanation is a bit more complicated:


Electrical regulations in IEC 60335 stipulate that any product that is destined to be used outside must achieve a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of at least IP24.

Furthermore, such an appliance must be connected to an IP Rated power socket and must also be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD). The IP Code is set out in ISO 60529, and it states that the first digit defines the degree of protection from physical ingress and the second digit defines the degree of protection from moisture or water ingress. So an IP rating of 24 means that no object of diameter greater than 12.5mm can gain access to a hazardous part (for example you should not be able to put a finger in the way of a fan blade). That’s the 2 in the index number and the 4 means that the electrics are protected from splashing water from any direction. As another example, an IP Rating of 65, which is quite commonly found with lighting fixtures, would mean that the appliance is dust-tight and also protected from jetting water.

If you see a fridge advertising an IP Rating beginning with a 6, it means that the rating is wrong! This is because a fridge has to have ventilation slots to circulate the air and therefore it’s obvious that it cannot be constructed in such a way that it could achieve a dust-tight rating of 6.

Blastcool’s Rating IP24 therefore means that the product can be installed outside and will be safe even if rained upon or splashed from any direction. An indoor fridge will be unlikely to have any declared IP rating, thereby rendering it unsafe for outdoor use. Blastcool has had its products independently tested so that customers can be assured that the design has been rigorously tested for safety. If a product has an IP Rating, then it will be found on the data plate sticker alongside the other electrical information.

Cooling Performance

An outdoor fridge needs to be able to chill in scorching summer heat of up to 43°C as well as not be damaged by freezing winters of as cold as -25°C.

Every Blastcool has at least two powerful fans that circulate the cold air over the internal contents and then blow away the heat that has been extracted. Not only will a Blastcool chill the fridge down to 1°C but it will get it there much faster than an indoor fridge.

The compressor has special anti-vibration mountings as well as complex lubricants meaning that it is well-optimised for the task.


An outdoor fridge must withstand attack from airborne salt spray. A typical indoor fridge used outside may begin to exhibit signs of corrosion within a matter of months.

A Blastcool outdoor fridge has a marine grade 316 Stainless Steel exterior meaning that it has some protection from corrosive environments. Some other parts of the cabinet are zinc-galvanised and there are also components that have an additional specially formulated coating.

The interior of the cabinet is 304 food grade stainless-steel, and the shelves have especially thick chrome.  All products used outside need proper care and attention, especially in salt spray locations and Blastcool is no different, however the level of resistance on a Blastcool is much greater because of the well-prepared features of its construction.


If you put a typical pub fridge outside during summer, you will quickly notice that the glass is covered in condensation. A Blastcool fridge deals with this by having heated glass that is also insulated to the level of triple glazing even though it is only double glazed. It means that the glass will be kept clear and dry all year round. In fact, there are also some other areas of the cabinet that use waste heat from the refrigeration system to keep the cabinet dry.

Professional appearance

An outdoor kitchen is a big investment, so it makes sense to install a high-quality appliance and not cut corners. Blastcool has the experience and heritage to claim expertise in this specialised product area.

See the full range of Blastcool products here.


Luxury Poolside Living with Blastcool

Welcome to a world where deluxe poolside living meets cutting-edge outdoor refrigeration from Blastcool. In this blog we dive in and look at some of the enviable projects that have kindly been shared by some of our clients. From poolside villas to ocean beach clubs, Blastcool’s outdoor fridges are an essential element of their designs.

Courtesy of Custom Outdoor Living Outdoor Living

This tranquil scene illustrates the best of poolside outdoor living. Good food, a choice of perfectly chilled drinks ready to be selected straight from the fridge, and an inviting swimming pool in which to float away the stresses of the day. Installed by Custom Outdoor Living, a Blastcool XP2 was specified for the beverage cooling element. The heated glass doors ensure that the clarity of the display is maintained without condensation and the 316 grade stainless steel will look pristine for years to come, providing it is properly cleaned.

Wane by Somiya

Blastcool’s professional grade build specification often means that it is used in commercial applications as well as in the home. ‘Wane by Somiya’ is a poolside beach club concept, in this case seen at The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina. By day, guests lounge at the pool and by night the party continues till the early hours. Supporting the busy bartenders are some Blastcool XP3 outdoor fridges. The powerful fan assisted refrigeration easily copes with the frequent door openings and the 43°C summer temperatures.

Gardens & Roses

Blastcool is the premium brand in outdoor refrigeration and we are fortunate to have been selected by some of the world’s top designers to provide the beverage cooling solution for their clients.

Looking at this pool, it begs the question as to whether one should do the 25 laps first or possibly just go straight for the BBQ lunch instead. Decisions, decisions.

Whichever the choice, the owner has selected a Blastcool XP1 to ensure the drinks are cold. Given its tropical location, the XP1 is a wise choice because it has been designed to cope in extreme heat and yet still work reliably year-after-year. The marine grade stainless steel exterior will also retain its pristine appearance given appropriate maintenance.

Midland Stone

This incredible poolside outdoor kitchen showcases some of the very best of what the burgeoning UK outdoor living industry has to offer. Opulent natural products have been supplied by Midland Stone and skilled professionals have combined their talents to design and install the garden, pool and kitchen. A Blastcool XP1 has been selected to provide the beverage cooling element. The sharp, high-end finishes have been combined together to produce a wonderful outcome and the client truly deserves to toast their success.

Custom Outdoor Living

Outdoor pool, indoor bar: A great solution for shade, security, being insect-free, and all-year-round use. This excellent project by Custom Outdoor Living has used a Blastcool XP2 to ensure there will never be a complaint about a warm drink. For temperature controlled indoor conditions, the Blastcool Extremis series has a “quiet mode” setting where the cooling fan can be slowed down to reduce the sound level.

Gulf Leisure

As beachside locations go, this villa on Palm Jumeirah truly lives up to the estate agents’ classic promise of being “within steps of the water”. Whilst the main subject of the photo is a magnificent outdoor oven, the Blastcool Extremis XP2 can be seen to the lower left of the image. The client has specified the fridge with solid doors to blend in with the rest of the cabinetry. The view of the pristine private beach and tropical waters is a feast for the eyes whilst the chef prepares a feast in the expertly installed outdoor kitchen.

Thank you to Gulf Leisure for sending us this image of their completed project.

Basils Bar, Mustique

Blastcool Extremis XP3 outdoor fridges have been chosen by the famous Basil’s Bar, Mustique. Their busy bartenders prepare the most exquisite cocktails and serve the very best wines and beers from around the world.

For this task, in 31C, high humidity conditions, they need the very best equipment. Seaside locations present a special challenge because of the high concentrations of airborne salt which cause a highly corrosive attack on anything metallic.

Over a period of nearly 20 years, Blastcool has evolved its design to use materials and construction techniques that, given proper maintenance, will provide resistance against this assault.

Elevate Your Outdoor Entertaining with Blastcool

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Spoga+Gafa 2023

Blastcool will be exhibiting at the 2023 edition of Spoga, the world’s largest trade exhibition for the outdoor living industry. Taking place in Cologne, Germany from June 18th to 20th, we will be showing the latest products and innovations that have marked us out as brand leader in the outdoor cooling industry.

The show is a mecca for anybody in this fast-growing sector and it attracts visitors from across the globe. See us in Hall 8.1 on stand D-019 where you will be given a warm welcome and a detailed explanation of our products. For a free entry ticket, please contact us in advance of the show.

The Pol Roger Edition

Pol Roger selects Blastcool as its official partner for outdoor cooling and is proud to announce the XP1 Champagne Edition. To celebrate the launch, the cooler comes equipped with two wine shelves, two flat shelves and 6 bottles of Brut Réserve.

The specially designed wine shelves are equipped with adjustable support saddles that enable the storage of bottles of varying diameters. This means that slim wine bottles can be accommodated alongside larger diameter champagne bottles, thereby maximising capacity. Use a picture of the Pol Roger cabinet please.

Spoga+Gafa 2022

Blastcool will be exhibiting at Spoga+Gafa, on the 19th – 21st June 2022. It’s the largest garden fair in the World. Come and visit us and experience the quality of our coolers in person.

Find us in Hall 8.1 at stand D21

Visit Spoga+Gafa

New Restrictions in force for HFC Refrigerants

From January 2020, the EU has banned the sale of appliances that use HFC refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of greater than 2500. This affects refrigerant gasses such as R404a, commonly found in ice making machines for example. The good news is that Blastcool is not affected because the refrigerant we use is a natural hydrocarbon called R600a which has a GWP value of only 3. As such it is classed as having “negligible” global warming potential.

Less well known is that the insulation foam also contains a potentially harmful gas, but here again, Blastcool use a gas called Cyclopentane which also has negligible GWP.

It’s good to know that if you are buying Blastcool, not only are you up to date with the latest standards but that you are making a choice that is considerate of the environment. At the end of life of the cabinet, a Blastcool can be fully recycled providing it is done by a professional refrigeration recycling centre.

Blastcool reports orders at Spoga-Gafa 2019 in Cologne

Blastcool welcomed a record number of visitors to its stand at the Spoga show in Cologne, Germany where it exhibited its latest range of outdoor refrigeration. The fair is focussed on the fast-growing outdoor living consumer market segment and Blastcool was present in the BBQ and outdoor kitchen zone.

Visitors were impressed by the display showing an XP1 fridge being “rained” on by a series of water jets and this highlighted the IP24 ingress rating that has been awarded to it by leading independent testing house,  SGS. The new Extremis range is the only one of its kind to use marine Grade 316 stainless steel in its exterior construction and its ability to chill bottles to perfection, even in 43°C heat, is now well known.

Sales Director Naomi Wynn commented:

“Dealers came to the stand to place orders for immediate sale to their customers and also for display within their showrooms. The popularity of the Blastcool range is evident and I would like to say a huge thanks to all our customers who support us so well.”


Featured on ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’

Alan Titchmarsh has featured the Blastcool XP1 outdoor fridge in the programme “Love your Garden”. The XP1 is independently approved for outdoor use and can survive wind, rain, summer heat and winter cold.

It can safely store all the food and drinks you need to get the party started and continue long into a summer’s evening.

O2 Arena chooses Blastcool for rooftop bar

One of London’s most famous landmarks, the O2 Arena, has chosen Blastcool for the provision of cold drinks to customers who have achieved the climb to the top. Whilst on the viewing deck, a glass of champagne is chosen by many to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy whilst taking in the spectacular 360 degree view of London.

A glass of Lanson is best served chilled so the O2 management selected a Blastcool outdoor fridge because of the exposed location, but getting it to the top was a challenge all of its own. The XP1 weighs 64 kilos but, unlike the enthusiastic guests, it proved very reluctant to leave the ground! Three specially trained staff carefully hauled the cabinet up the 28 degree incline, 1250 feet to the viewing platform.  Electricians arranged for a safe, IP rated power supply to the cabinet and the unit itself was anchored to the deck.

The Blastcool XP 1 is ideal for the location because it has been designed to be operated outdoors in searing 43 degree heat as well as being able to withstand a cold British winter. The XP1 surface material is marine grade AISI 316 grade stainless steel, so it will retain its professional good looks without deterioration. Blastcool’s Managing Director, Edward Jonas commented:

“The location on top of the O2 is not only spectacular but it also showcases the ability of the Blastcool range to withstand whatever the elements are likely to throw at it. The exposed location is a great test of the weatherproof design and the power of the refrigeration.”

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